Once the cleansing tablet is dropped into the open container and water is added, it froths into a dense “scrubbing-bubbles” bio-compatible cleansing solution. The appropriate-sized mouth piece (small, medium, large, x-large) is placed in the mouth, the desired pressure is set, and the ClearSmile starts to pump the solution through the “in” tube, which jets the solution through hundreds of tiny orifices in the mouth piece. There is a programmed/timed cycle so that the jet pulses the correct amount of solution appropriate to the size of the mouthpiece. It powerfully pulses for 15 seconds, allowing the “scrubbing-bubbles” solution to micro-mechanically dislodge and pop off the plague and bacteria. It jets between and all around the teeth and gums, pressure washing in ever nook and crevice from every direction simultaneously.

The solution also contains currently proven active ingredients that are chemically bactericidal. This rhythmic pulsing cycle continues for three minutes. The system pressure washes the plague/bacteria off of gums and teeth mechanically, micro-mechanically, as well as chemically